I never knew I would go down an internet rabbit hole in trying to find out the best way to sit in a booth at a restaurant, but I did. Asking a simple question has turned into something I've put too much thought into, but now I'm invested.

Here's the scenario...

You're on a date, and the restaurant host asks you the tricky question: " Table or a booth?" You choose a booth. As you approach the booth, your date sits down, and you have to decide whether to sit with them on their side or the opposite side.

I'm choosing the table, but sitting on the opposite side of a booth is the only choice.

Which do you choose?

You wouldn't think this would be that big of a deal, but for some people, it is. Again, I've done ample research on this subject, so here are some Con & Pro that I've found.

Side by Side Booth Seating Con #1


One of the biggest complaints people have when choosing booth seating is room. Most booths aren't places where you're going to be able to do many activities; they're cramped. If you add two people to the same side, that makes your space even more cramped. Then you add the appetizers, bread baskets, silverware, water glasses, drink glasses, and dinner plates; it's incredibly uncomfortable. Then you look across the table and see an entire half free and clear; you're probably second-guessing your choice.

Side by Side Booth Seating Con #2

If you're on a date, you want to be able to talk to and see your date. It's awkward to keep turning your head when seated on the same side. If you're on the opposite side, you can look straight into your date's eyes, making it easier and more intimate.

Side by Side Booth Seating Con #3

Other people, including the weight staff, look at and judge you. Not that it should concern you, but it probably will.

Side by Side Booth Seating Con #4

You cannot see in both directions if you're in a booth that isn't at the back of the room.

Now for the Pro side. 

Side by Side Booth Seating Pro #1

You can get up close and personal with your date. PDA is a big selling point for some couples.

Side by Side Booth Seating  Pro #2

You can see the same things and could help in the conversation department.

After reading many comments, articles, and opinions from waitstaff, I found that the opposite side is the more appealing choice for most people unless there are more than two people at the table.

Do Wyomingites Think Side Sitting In A Booth Is Strange?
Do Wyomingites Think Side Sitting In A Booth Is Strange?
Do Wyomingites Think Side Sitting In A Booth Is Strange?

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