They're bad-to-the-bone and back in action...

Casper's A'Salt Creek Roller Derby is rolling again at Wagon Wheel roller skating rink.

Roller derby has been around since the early 1930's, but really began to surge in the early 1990's all over the world. The sport was so popular, at times, the matches were being shown on TV and have been the subject of movies, tv series, and even reality shows.

In Casper, the A'Salt Creek Roller Derby team, was one of those teams that were in action in the early 2010's, but after a couple years faded out.

After over a decade away, the A'Salt Creek Roller Derby team is back in action.

October 14th, the Wagon Wheel Roller Skating rink will turn into an action packed, intense, battle ground for a good old school roller derby bout.

The mission to bring back the team has been going for a while. In April of this year, the first post on the A'Salt Creek Roller Derby's Facebook page, was made and slowly began to build. Then in May, the announcement was made that the team was BACK.

It's been a couple months building, but in less than three weeks, the long-awaited return will be over.

If you're not sure about how roller derby works, here is a brief description from the Women's Flat Track Derby Association's website:

The game of Flat Track Roller Derby is played on a flat, oval track. Play is broken up into two 30-minute periods, and within those periods, into units of play called “Jams,” which last up to two minutes. There are 30 seconds between each Jam.


During a Jam, each team fields up to five Skaters. Four of these Skaters are called “Blockers” (together, the Blockers are called the “Pack”), and one is called a “Jammer.” The Jammer wears a helmet cover with a star on it.


The two Jammers start each Jam behind the Pack, and score a point for every opposing Blocker they lap, each lap. Because they start behind the Pack, they must get through the Pack, then all the way around the track to be eligible to score points on opposing Blockers.


Roller derby is a full-contact sport; however, Skaters cannot use their heads, elbows, forearms, hands, knees, lower legs, or feet to make contact to opponents. Skaters cannot make contact to opponents’ heads, backs, knees, lower legs, or feet.


Play that is unsafe or illegal may result in a Skater being assessed a penalty, which is served by sitting in the Penalty Box for 30 seconds of Jam time.


The team with the most points at the end of the game wins.

It's cool to see more options available for families to get out of the house and enjoy sporting events around Casper. Follow the teams Facebook page to keep up to date with the latest news and bout information.

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