Wyoming is the Equality State.

Meaning, the greatest state in the union is the first state to give women the right to vote. Which was a great way to show the other states the Wyoming meant business then and haven't stopped.

The number of women owned businesses across Wyoming is impressive, encouraging, and setting an example, not just across the country, but the world.

If you visit the National Historic Trails Center in Casper, you'll see displays that show just how important the women of Wyoming have been since the beginning.

I'm sure you've heard the saying:

Behind every great man there is a great woman

That's a true statement and those great women deserve a spot to getaway and enjoy themselves from time to time.

Enter Jessie Allen Gottwald and the Diamond 4 Ranch near Lander, WY. The former Miss Wyoming is the full time manager of her family's ranch, hunting guide, instructor and all around Wyoming badass woman.

There are multiple times throughout the year that she lends her experience, leadership and instructing skills, to outings for women.

Diamond 4 Ranch Women's Experiences.

If you check out the website, you'll quickly find an option that may be perfect for you and your girls to try out.

Not only does the ranch offer these great experiences for women, but they also offer the chance for you to bring your entire family for an action packed ranch experience.

It's great to see Wyomingites that live incredible lives, share the experience with others.

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