If you're not a very good cook, but have always wanted to host Thanksgiving Dinner, you'll shock your guests when they show up and you have a traditional, large dinner ready to go.

I know what you're thinking, "but I'm not a good cook and don't have the time or patience to do it"...that's ok, you have the option to have the dinner made for you and by a trained Chef.

True Bakery has been making waves in Casper for the last few months and now they're expanding from just baked goods. They've already added sandwiches and catering options to the expanding business. Now, Michelin-Trained Chef Bill Brockley Jr. is embarking on helping take the stress of Thanksgiving off your shoulders.

Thanksgiving dinner is one of the biggest eating days of the year. Some families start early with a nice breakfast while watching the parade, then ease into the main course and top it off with dessert.

It's a pretty sweet deal if you can get all of those options and not have to search for a recipe, crack an egg, knead dough, peel a potato or search for a last minute turkey.

Maybe you're an ok cook, but lack time or energy to be in the kitchen for three days straight. True Bakery is giving you the option to pick A La Carte off the long list of options. They're also offering to prepare your full meal, from the turkey to the pie and everything in between.

The gang at True Bakery will do ALL of that for you.


You can order  A La Carte from the all of these great items: (prices vary)

  • Breakfast: Cinnamon Rolls or Bagels & House-Made Cream Cheese
  • Rolls: Brioche Dinner Rolls, Sourdough Dinner Rolls, Cranberry/Oat Porridge Rolls
  • Sides: White Cheddar Mashed Potatoes, Green Bean Casserole, Five Cheese Mac n Cheese
  • Turkey: Lemon Herb Turkey
  • Pies: 8" - Pumpkin with Cool Whip, Apple with House-Made Ice Cream, Lemon Meringue

They're also giving you two options of the full menu to choose from and the prices are great:

Smaller Dinner - Feeds 8-12 people $175

  • Breakfast Items
  • Turkey
  • 8x8 Sides
  • 1/2 Dozen of Rolls
  • Choice of Pie

Larger Dinner - Feeds 12-16 people $275

  • Breakfast Items
  • Bigger Turkey
  • 13x9 Sides
  • All Roll Choices
  • One of EACH of the pies and house-made ice cream

Sounds like a new Thanksgiving tradition to me...Awesome Dinner and not break a sweat.

To find out more about the menu, how and when to order and other options, check out True Bakery Casper.com or the Facebook Page.

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