It happens every February 14, and about 20% of people forget it EVERY year.

Valentine's Day.

The one day set aside to prove to your lover that you REALLY love them. I know that's funny; you should show that you care EVERY day, but it's the same thing every year. You swear you're not going to forget; then you find yourself running to Walgreens for a card and a cheap box of chocolates.

The same goes for your kids and the Valentine's Day cards that your kids give their friends. February 14, you're running to Walmart at 6 am to get one of the last boxes of cheesy cartoon cards. Then you have to rush back home and wake your kid up early so they can write their name on a handful of them.

This year, you can plan and save a little bit of money and time, thanks to the Wyoming Game and Fish Department and their selection of Valentine's Day Cards.

Get ready to make this Valentine's Day WILD!
Encourage your kids to spread the joy of wildlife with these wildlife-themed valentines, perfect for any valentine card exchange. Just download and print this PDF to share the love of Wyoming's wildlife this Valentine's Day

Not only are these cards clever, but they may be the easiest way to ensure you're covered and get an extra hour of sleep on Valentine's Day. Unless you don't have a printer at home, your traditional early morning run to Walmart will probably still have to happen.

Happy Valentine's Day.

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