Calling something the BEST, is getting into dangerous territory.

Especially when you start talking about the BEST small town in Wyoming. We're all aware that we have more small towns than big towns here in the Cowboy State, but can you really choose just one as the BEST?

Luckily, Good Housekeeping has done that for us.

You kind of wonder what criteria is used to determine the BEST of something, like a small town to visit. Are they going to a list of town names on the internet, closing their eyes and just pointing at one? Are they actually doing the research and comparing numbers and adding up the amount of attractions, hotels, restaurants and other vacation stats?

According to the Good Housekeeping article, they grabbed towns with a population under 5,000 and towns that had a good selection of attractions.

Ok, it seems like they may've put a little effort into choosing the best small town in Wyoming.

I still can't imagine singling out just one Wyoming small town to call it the champion of small towns.

The winner of the BEST Small Town in Wyoming to visit for a charming weekend...


Good Housekeeping Thermopolis / Getty Images

The town of 2700, home of the worlds largest mineral hot springs, the Wyoming Dinosaur Center, Wind River Canyon, fishing, hunting, hiking, floating, rafting, canoeing, history seeking and nearly 2 million acres of wilderness a short distance away.

If you've ever been to Thermopolis, you know they did a pretty darn good job of choosing a great small town to represent Wyoming as a quality small town.

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