The following bad advice is pure gold. If you live in Wyoming, you know already know why. Yet, like a train wreck, we can't take our eyes away. Last week on Facebook, we asked you to give someone advice who had just moved to the Cowboy State. Wrong answers only, and you delivered comic genius. These tips include snow fences, jackalopes, flip-flops, vegan restaurants, and umbrellas. That's just to start.

There are a lot of common themes like the cold, wind, and show. The reality is the weather shapes our lives. We plan for the sub-artic temperatures and hurricane forces winds. Then we deal with them as best we can. The winter gear is always close by. We own a few different snow shovels stored in various locations. It's not uncommon to find cat litter in an emergency car kit. Lawn furniture is weighed down or anchored tightly. It's how we roll in Wyoming.

Other topics are about our politics. Wyoming is a red state, pure and true. The last time we voted for a democratic president was Lyndon B. Johnson in 1964. This advice proves the point. The sarcasm is strong in this story. We love Bieden and outsiders telling us how to do things. It is encouraged heavily by everyone in the state.

Sit back and enjoy the following tips that most likely, if followed, would get you in some hot water or seriously injured. So, go ahead and tag your Colorado friends. Send this story to those who are thinking about moving to the state. We double-dog dare you!

Terrific And Disastrous Advice To Give Someone About Wyoming

Good advice is priceless, but bad advice can be funny. This is all for fun. We asked our Facebook audience for some terrible advice to give someone about Wyoming. The responses were absolutely hilarious.