In typical Wyoming fashion, we went from melting heat to cold and rainy. With that being said, we all needed a break. The rain will knock the dust down and the cool temps will help lower our electric bills.

When it gets cold, though, we still want to have a nice cocktail after work to help wind down after a busy, hard week. I've picked a couple of my favorites, to give you a little 'cold weather drink' inspiration. I've found a could videos that will help you if you need actual measurements (I like to guess on the actual amount of ingredients) that you can watch below.

My favorite 'cold weather cocktail' is a hot toddy. I use my grandpa's recipe that is really simple. I'm no the kind of guy that like a lot of wild and crazy stuff in my drink.

Hot Tea, shot (or 2) of your favorite whiskey, teaspoon (or eyeball) of honey and squeeze of lemon. That's it. Nothing out of the ordinary, but it's the great healer...according to one Mr. Fred Frazer. Every time I'd feel a sniffle coming on, couldn't sleep or was down in dumps, Dr. Grandfather would prescribe one (or 3 depends on the severity).

Hot Toddy
Drew Kirby/CANVA

Of course you can easily add a little extra to hot cocoa, to really add excitement and warmth to a cool day and make is a special Adult Hot Chocolate.

Adding Rumple Minze, Butterscotch Schnapps, Coconut Rum, Amaretto, Frangelico & Kahlua and Coconut Rum & Peach Schnapps to your traditional hot chocolate, will set you free my friends. I really like to do one of these when I'm spending time outside on a cold day and need that special warm up.

Hot Cocoa
MrFredenza via YouTube

Last on my list of cold weather ADULT beverages in Spiked Hot Apple Cider. Really the name seems simple, right? Get cider, warm it up and add cinnamon jack or another cinnamon flavored whiskey or schnapps. True, that's how you could do it and it how I do it. For some, they like to get a little more detailed with the ingredients.

hot apple cider
howtodrink via YouTube

There you go,  my favorite 'cold weather adult beverages'. Give them a try and tell me what you think OR let me know what your favorite 'cold weather adult beverage' is in the app.

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