The Super Bowl is one of the biggest days of the year for people in Casper to eat chicken wings. The Casper Shrine Club's annual Wing Ding, is arguably the second biggest day.

Luckily for you, the Wing Ding is coming August 26th to the Shrine Club 1501 West 39th St in Casper.

The event is the 5th annual and there will be over 2500 pounds of chicken wings on the premises that day.

2500 pounds...over a TON of wings! To the average person eats about one pound of wings per sitting, or about 10-12.  So, there's going to be enough wings for a lot of people.

Wing makers from all over the area are vying to be the Wing Ding, wing making champion. For someone that puts in the time and dedication to coming up with the perfect wing recipe, being crowned the Wing Ding Champion, is huge.

The wing making contest isn't the only contest on the grounds Saturday, the Wing Ding, wing eating contest sponsored by I'Scream 4-wings is also going to cap off the afternoon.

Do you think you're a wing eating champion?

If so, you'll be competing with up to 19 other people that think THEY are the guru of wing eating. To really be competitive, you've got to know the right way to eat a wing, fast and efficient.

Most people will go about eating a wing, kind of like eating corn on the cob.

Corn On Cob Eating

That's not going to help you eat those wings fast and quick. You'll only have 3 minutes to eat as many as possible, so you have to use your time wisely.

The proper method of eating a chicken wing fast and efficient.

Grab the wing at the end

wing eat 1
Censor via YouTube

Put it in your mouth long ways

Censor via YouTube
Censor via YouTube

Clamp your teeth on the wing and pull.

Censor via YouTube
Censor via YouTube

If you get the method down properly, there's no stopping you. You'll make quick work of those wings at the Wing Ding.

Wings, beer, a special bingo, family fun, I'scream, and helping the Casper Shrine Club's mission of helping the kids of Shriners Children's Hospital.

Watch how the pros make quick work of wings, in this video.

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