If you flipped on the Kansas NASCAR race, you probably saw that Wyoming was represented on the #16 cup car.

That's pretty cool.

At first glance, you see Steamboat on the hood and doors of the #16, with the website 'Project Wyoming' on the rear quarter panel. There's even a mountain scene and a bison in the picture on the car. It seems pretty cool that Wyoming is on a racecar on National TV.

It's Strange That Wyoming's Bucking Horse Is On A Racecar
Kaulig Racing via Facebook

Hold on a second; I hope you didn't get too excited because it had nothing to do with the State of Wyoming.

The driver of the #16 Kaulig Racing car is Derek Kraus. He hails from Wisconsin and has been racing since he was seven in 2008. It's cool to see him make his way into big-time racing.

After further investigation, I found that Project Wyoming was not a project to help the state of Wyoming. It's a building project in Madison, Wisconsin, built by Ruedbusch Development and Construction.

Project Wyoming is a 350,000 square foot industrial building development in Madison, Wisconsin and is ready to serve the needs of any company in industrial, manufacturing, or distribution marketing.

I have nothing against Derek or Kaulig Racing; driving in NASCAR is expensive, and you must get sponsors any way you can. It's interesting to see the Wyoming bucking horse on a racecar, and it has nothing to do with Wyoming.

Wyoming has used the bucking horse and rider symbol since the early 1900s. The symbol was worn by Wyoming's National Guard in France and Germany during WW I and has been used on the state's license plates since 1936. The state holds the symbol near and dear.

The Wyoming Secretary of State's website says:

Because of increasing commercial demands for this trademark, the State of Wyoming and the University of Wyoming have consolidated efforts to protect, preserve and promote the tradition and integrity of the Bucking Horse and Rider trademark on behalf of the entire State. Licensing provides the most efficient and feasible vehicle to ensure that the trademark is protected from misuse or infringement, and that ownership is rightfully retained by Wyoming, for the people of Wyoming.

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