Living the outdoor life, is living good life. Except, of course, for the things that can ruin your day, like bears, mountain lions, flies, gnats, mosquitos and ticks.

Bugs is definitely in the top 5 reasons that people avoid the outdoors. The constant buzzing of flies, gnats or mosquitos can drive a person crazy. For many people, the thought of a tick latching onto their skin, gives them the heebie jeebies.

We all know you can get a bug spray that will keep most of those creepy crawlies away from you.

What if I told you that there were certain items you could get that would increase your level of safety from the blood sucking, nasty old ticks. Not only will the ticks latch onto you, but there's a slim chance that you could become allergic to red meat, because of those buggers.

In Wyoming, the Rocky Mountain Wood Tick (RMWT) is the most common type of tick found. Fortunately the RMWT doesn't carry Lime Disease, they do potentially transmit Colorado tick fever or Rocky Mountain spotted fever to humans.

Female Rocky Mountain Wood Tick
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I know, you were relieved for a minute, then I smashed your comfort.

This may make you start to itch, but according to, you're more than likely going to have an encounter with a tick in these areas of your body:

  • armpits
  • groin
  • hair
  • back of the knees
  • belly button
  • waist
  • in and around your ears

Although, if you get one tick bite or find a tick, check your whole body. The best way to know you have a tick bite, is if you see a tick. Experts say you're probably not going to feel the actual bite.

The best way to deal with a tick bite, is to get the tick off of you and and treat the area with rubbing alcohol, antibacterial soap and ointment.

Here are the steps of removing an embedded tick:

  • Grab some tweezers or a tool to grab hold
  • Pull straight up from the skin with steady pressure. (Don't twist or bend the tick)
  • Make sure you have all the tick out of your skin
  • Clean the area with alcohol or iodine
  • Drown the tick in rubbing alcohol
  • Keep it in a sealable bag or jar for future reference at the Doctor if you get sick.

Don't be too concerned, because there are products you can get, or maybe already have, that will greatly reduce ticks embedding into your skin.'s Brodie Swisher has a great recommended list of items that will enhance your experience in the outdoors.

Seven Go-To Items To Keep The Wyoming Ticks Off

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