Being able to hit the open road and visit as many places as possible, is the goal of many of us. Sometimes though, we have to live vicariously through others that have the means to travel a lot.

There's a man & woman travel team, who's YouTube channel is Lord Spoda, takes every opportunity they can, to get out on the road. Their goal is to give all of us that can't get away, a chance to visit some cool places around the country.

In the summer of 2022, Joey and Nicole chose to come to Wyoming and do some exploring. They began their Cowboy State journey in Cheyenne, passed through Casper, captured the incredible sights of the Wind River Canyon, before rolling into Thermopolis and eventually landing in Cody.

The whole time, they had their camera rolling and were able to capture video of Wyoming's vast open land and beauty along the way.

Once they arrived in Cody, they spent a few days exploring the shops, museums, historic hotels, restaurants and got to spend time in Yellowstone National Park.

It's always fun to hear and see what others find interesting, entertaining and exciting and compare it with your thoughts. Since they travel and visit all kinds of places in the country, they've definitely seen some great places. The way they talk so highly of Wyoming, you know they've found a place to put high on their list.

When you check out the highlights of their trip, there's a good chance you will agree with their take of Cody and Yellowstone.

Check out the video of their drive, then their focused look on the Cody area.

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The exploration of Wyoming continues and Drew jumped into the 'Gray Ghost' and set out on a trip to end up in Cody, Wy. Between Casper and Cody there are MANY great places to stop.

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