A name is such an important part of every person...or animal...or piece of art. That includes the latest addition to the Natrona County Library, a life-sized fiberglass buffalo. An addition like that needs a name, so the library is looking for a little help finding the perfect name.

This incredible piece of art, originally painted by a Wyoming artist named Laura Tegenu Harmon, was recently donated to be put on display in the library by Angela Chimney in honor of her late father, James Herold.

This large piece of art definitely needs a name, don't you think?

Usually, it's not a good idea to name your pet buffalo, if he happens to end up on the dinner table. In this case though, there's no chance of that, so here's your chance to submit that perfect name you've been holding on to.

Choosing the perfect name for your pet is important. It's a name you'll say over-and-over, and have a sense of pride when you tell people that name. In this situation, it won't just be you that says the name. Any time people are meeting up at the library and use the bison at their meeting point, they'll want to use the actual name of the buffalo. Just saying, "oh hey, meet me by the extremely large, colorful and interesting buffalo in the middle of the library", wouldn't be that fun. Saying, "let's go to the Natrona County Library, meet me by Barry the Buffalo", sounds MUCH better.

Put your creative minds to work and come up with the perfect name by November the 8th. Stop into the Natrona County Library and submit the name you think the buffalo should have, that name could score you some cool prizes and the title of fiberglass buffalo name giver.

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