On a normal day when you roll into Kaycee, WY, you'll see a few locals roaming around, tourists that've stopped in to admire the 'Good Ride Cowboy' monument in Chris LeDoux Park, or take in the rich history in the Hoof Prints of the Past Museum.

Kaycee, Wyoming
Drew Kirby, Townsquare Media

In the middle of June every year, the towns population explodes. The small Johnson County town goes from just 264 folks to multiple thousand, rodeo, music and LeDoux fans.

Chris LeDoux Days brings people from all over the country, possibly the world, to celebrate to cowboy and music legend.

Chris LeDoux
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To say that Chris LeDoux was a hero for so many people, is really an understatement. He was more than a hero to so many, and it shows during Chris LeDoux Days. Men, women and children proudly wear the new t-shirt, hat or jacket they just purchased from the Rusty Spur, while taking a break from rodeo action at the merch tent or maybe even planned ahead and ordered them from Chris LeDoux.com.

The whole weekend is well put together and run by the LeDoux family and is quite the party. There's porch pickin' and singin', kids running around, LeDoux fans walking around with a cold beer and a smile, at the base of the 'Good Ride Monument' there are cans of Copenhagen dip and there are reunions of friends that may only happen one time per year.

Chris LeDoux Park in Kaycee, Wyoming, with the tribute statue, Good Ride Cowboy
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The Rusty Spur is the center point for all the excitement of the weekends activities. Selling merchandise and memorabilia of not only Chris LeDoux, but of Ned LeDoux, the nights headlining performer.

The stands fill at the Harold Jarred Park, where the Saddle, bareback bronc riding, breakaway roping and junior barrel racing take place on Saturday afternoon. Riders come from all over to participate, some even were participants at the College National Finals Rodeo through the week.

Harold Jarrad Park
Drew Kirby, TSM

If you haven't been to Chris LeDoux Days, make sure next year is your year.

2023 Chris LeDoux Days Action

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