It's the most Wyoming thing a bride would do at a wedding and could change how weddings are perceived in the Cowboy State.

I know you're wondering what it is, and you have a few guesses. We'll use the process of elimination.

It's not a swing dance at the reception.

It's not wearing a cowboy hat.

It's not showing up while riding a horse.

It's not yelling "Go Pokes" during the ceremony.

It IS carrying a gun strapped to her leg, as well as all of the groomsmen.

The bride in question is from Montana, so you know that Wyomingites would do that, too.

I could see this happening at weddings here in Wyoming. Actually, I'm sure a few folks at weddings are already packing.

Wedding planners, dress and tux makers, and venues could all put this as an option. The problem would be if you're planning to have alcohol at your wedding, you probably have to work out a way for everyone to take their guns home or have a place for them to put them away.

I've seen weddings where the bride, groom, and wedding party all wore camo or other hunting gear and even had a nice camo cake.

What would you call a wedding where everyone had a gun? You wouldn't call it a shotgun wedding. How about a handgun hitching? Maybe a Glock Wedlock? Holy matrimony fun while carrying a gun?

Maybe it will be the next trend in the wedding world, and then again, maybe not.

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