Casper is not a hotspot for Hollywood. It takes a lot to film a movie, and we don't cut the mustard for some reason. However, I decided to scout some locations around town that are film worthy. The movers and shakers of tinsel town might not notice, but we can still celebrate their unique esthetics.

How Has Hollywood portrayed Casper?

Bill Schwamle, Townsquare Media
Bill Schwamle, Townsquare Media

Most Casperites know they filmed part of the movie Starship Troopers at Hells Half Acre. The once buffalo jump was a perfect location as it looked so alien. In the movie, that’s where they fought the bug-like creatures. This is the best use of the area around Casper to date.

There have been movies and tv shows set in Casper, yet they look entirely different. The television show The Good Doctor had scenes in Casper that looked more like the Pacific Northwest. Then there was the movie based on the video game, Rampage. The werewolf creature was from Casper. The shot was nothing but evergreens and mountains and looked more like Yellowstone than Casper.

Where would be a good spot in Casper to film a movie?

The following spots would be great locations to shoot a movie or film in Casper. Even a music or YouTube video. These locations could be a great way to step up your TikTok footage game. The sky is the limit.

Terrific Casper Locations To Record A Epic Movie

We scouted Casper for the ideal locations to film a movie. These could be iconic to Casper or look completely alien. Regardless, these places have a character of their own.

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