The name Thermopolis is a combination of two words.

thermo = hot

polis = city

Put them together, and you get Hot City.

Thermopolis may not technically be big enough to be a city, but it's undoubtedly hot.

You're probably aware that Thermopolis is home to Wyoming's Hot Springs State Park, Wyoming's central bison herd, and the Wyoming dinosaur museum & dig site.

What you may not know about the 'Hot City' is that the heat doesn't end with the hot springs. Discover Thermopolis, a shop on Broadway in the historic downtown, has the country's largest selection of hot sauces. Hundreds of hot sauces from all over the country are on the shelves, right next to the party, craft, school, office, shipping supplies, and a fun selection of souvenirs.

I'll be honest: I've traveled around Wyoming quite a bit, but until I stopped into this store, I had no idea of the number of Wyoming-based sauces, seasonings, jams, and jellies available. They come from Casper, Torrington, Sheridan, Green River, Chugwater, Thermopolis, Kirby, Riverton, Lander, Glenrock, Rock Springs, and beyond.

Hot Springs Aren't The Only Thing Hot In Thermopolis, WY
Drew Kirby, TSM

I like to add heat to my food, and I know hot sauce is a popular condiment. I didn't think about its popularity until I saw this impressive collection at Discover Thermopolis. You can't appreciate the hot sauce industry until you see it.

Next time you're looking for something to do, consider heading to Thermopolis, Wyoming—the Hot City.

World's Largest Hot Sauce Collection Is In Wyoming

Gallery Credit: Drew Kirby, Townsquare Media

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