In baseball, spring training prepares players for the upcoming season. In Wyoming, springtime is used to reacquaint ourselves with the proper way to act around bears, bison, wolves, and other wildlife.

People from other states should follow our lead, especially if they're planning on coming to Wyoming, where we have bears, bison, wolves, and other wildlife that will hurt you.

This video on the Tourons Of Yellowstone Instagram account shows exactly what we're talking about. A mother black bear and her two cubs are trying to get across the street, but a man makes Mama a little nervous.

You would think people would have learned how to interact with animals properly, but that's not the case. The people who cross the line and are put on social media constantly get roasted.

The comments are usually pretty funny:

Once again, rooting for the bear


Salmon colored shorts are not the look you want around bears.


It's okay, since he's viewing it all through his phone it's not a real experience with real danger, so he's safe.


While the video was running, I was saying, “please eat him, please please eat him."


There's several guardian angels who just said I quit!


Always remember:

  • 100 yards between you and bears and wolves.
  • Have bear spray on you when in bear country.
  • 25 yards away from other wildlife.
  • Never feed wildlife. Doing so puts yourself, future visitors, and the animals in danger.
  • Store your food in proper storage containers.
  • Know about guidelines for the places you're going.
  • It's ok to be a tattletale. If you see something that doesn't seem right, tell someone about it.

When heading into bear country, you should always know what to do if you have a bear encounter. Wyoming Game and Fish Department offers great information on its website's Bear Wise Wyoming section.

Stay safe, and get ready for touron season to kick off in Wyoming.

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