Those random missing socks you've been looking for probably weren't stolen by the dryer monster. The new toy that you or your kid saved money for, but all of a sudden is nowhere to be found, didn't end up on the islands of misfit toys. There's a good chance that your pet mistook them for a snack.

I mean, you can't be too surprised; your pets have been known to eat turds and leap onto the counter for a bite of your late-night sandwich.

When your pup or kitty decides they want to munch on items they shouldn't be eating, it could cost you quite a bit of money. A veterinarian blog, Preventative Vet, estimates what emergency treatment can cost, and those numbers may shock you. has a breakdown of some of those costs.

  • ER visits range from $100 - $200
  • Blood tests $80 - $100
  • X-ray - starting around $150
  • Ultrasound - up to $600
  • Stay in the hospital - $600 - $3500
  • Emergency surgery - up to $5,000

Having pets isn't cheap, so try to reduce the number of weird things they can access to eat. That's easier said than done, but it's a smart investment in today's economy. Not only will you have to pay for the vet bill, but you're losing whatever items they are eating.

Check out this list of items your cute, cuddly, and precious pets commonly eat.

  • Socks - You may chalk this one up to the kids hiding the dirty laundry or the dryer monster striking again. You may not realize it's the dog until a few go missing.
  • Ribbon - Cats love playing with a good old piece of ribbon off your Christmas presents, but it can cause a big ol' problem with your kitty.
  • Earbuds - One minute, you listen to your favorite tunes; the next, you struggle to find one or both of your expensive pet snacks.
  • Razor Blades - These shouldn't be left lying around in any situation, especially not when you have pets...or kids.
  • Toys - We get it; playing with a toy is fun, but when boredom hits or a distraction occurs, it is put down and becomes a potential pet issue.
  • Hearing Aids - This is a BIG problem. Not only is there a possibility of an emergency room visit, but you may also have to replace those expensive hearing aids.
  • Hairbands - You can never find one when you need one, and you wonder why. It starts as a tool to keep hair out of your eyes, becomes a pet play-toy, and then it's an awkward snack to swallow and pass.

Keep an eye on your pets and your possessions.

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