Remember when the tv show 'Ghost Hunters' became really popular way back in 2004? T.A.P.S. has traveled all over the country helping people find out what's going on in their homes. Hours of filming, research and investigation for every case to help people know if they're house is haunted or finding another explanation for the weird activity going on.

I got sucked into that show from the beginning and have been interested in ghost hunting ever since. I've done plenty of ghost hunting, and had my fair share of odd experiences from a few of those hunts.

Having done it a few times, I'm fairly certain that if the Ghost Hunters crew came to Wyoming, they could do a full season just on Wyoming's historic ghost towns.

What Does Ghost Town Mean?

Obviously, the term 'ghost town' doesn't mean a town has ghosts for sure, but it means that a town that once thrived has been lost to time. Some of the original structures may still be standing and  may have unexplained things that happen in those structures. Leaving eerie, spooky and ghostly feelings.

One of the ghost towns I've visited is Kirwin, WY. High in the Absaroka Mountains outside Meeteetse, WY. This former mining town sits along the Wood River at just over 9,000 feet, and is said to be one of the most haunted ghost towns in the State of Wyoming. Paranormal investigators have studied and explored the town.

The drive is amazing, when you get there, you can see exactly why the town is said to be haunted. The old buildings are still standing and when you walk into them, you automatically feel like someone or something is there with you.

If you look closely at this picture I took when I visited, you can see a face on the on the side of the building. Sure, it could be a shadow created by the sun and trees, but it's creepy anyway.

Kirwin Face Shadow 1
Drew Kirby, TSM

Kirwin is not the only Ghost town in the state, here's a list from Only In Your

Wyoming Ghost Towns That Could Really Have Ghosts

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Gallery Credit: Drew Kirby, Townsquare Media