If you've never visited Yellowstone in the winter, you may miss the best time to visit. The places you can visit and certain areas of the park may be more challenging for you to get to, but lots can still be seen.

Understandably, many people will never have that chance, but thanks to guys like Drew Simms, you can still see what happens there during the winter.

Last winter, Drew spent a week camping in Yellowstone.

Weather was brutal with temps reaching almost -40F! I spent time photographing and filming some of my all time favorite wildlife experiences. Including frozen bison, multiple coyotes, mountain goats, big horn sheep, and many of the geysers around the park. Hands down one of my most memorable winter camping trips of my life.

While he was there, the videos and pictures he captured were incredible.




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These short videos were clips from an even more unbelievable video he put together of his time in the nation's oldest national park. Trust me, the time it takes you to watch the videos that Drew put together is well worth it.

If you check out his YouTube channel, you can see that Adventure could be his middle name. Not only did he share the fantastic videos from Yellowstone, but he also included videos from Iceland and Alaska.

Here's a sample of what you'll see on the Drew Simms YouTube channel.

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