There are certain days that need to be marked on your calendar and National Cheeseburger Day is one of them. September 18th Wyoming will be getting our cheeseburger fix.

It may be the only day that you really set aside your diet and go all in on a big ol' juicy, cheese covered, grease dripping down your chin, drop some lettuce on your shirt, Cheeseburger. Just thinking about that will make you hungry and you may start thinking about practicing with a burger today.

One of the best parts of the very special cheeseburger day, is that many of our favorite burger joints will be offering up special deals for their burgers.

Making the perfect burger shouldn't be that tricky, but what actually makes the perfect burger? I feel like we need to turn to a pro, Gordon Ramsey.

Gordon Ramsey
Gordon Ramsey via YouTube

According to Gordon, the burgers color is one of the most important parts of your masterpiece.

These are Gordon's tips to make the perfect burger:

  • Get your frying pan nice and warm - start with medium/high heat
  • Use oil
  • Season the burger - he recommends just salt & pepper. Only season one side at a time.
  • When burger starts caramelizing, add a little bit of butter. Turn down heat
  • Only flip your burger one time. Let the pan do the work. Cook the burger for 2 minutes on each side
  • Baste the burger with the juices in the pan
  • Add your onions to the pan and use the juices to caramelize them. (season the other side of the burger AND the onions.)
  • Season the burger with salt again, then add your cheese...and season the cheese.
  • When cheese is added, turn off the heat and add a lid to your pan
Gordon Ramsey Burger
Gordon Ramsey via YouTube

You can see the steps as he's doing them in this video from Gordon Ramsey's YouTube page.

However, you enjoy your burgers, from wherever you enjoy them, celebrate National Cheeseburger day September 18th.

We've talked before about your favorite burgers and where you get them, but maybe for that one special day, we get more than one. Wyoming has quite the assortment of burger locations, from large national chains, to local Wyoming family-owned burger spots.

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