Ready to wake, bake, and celebrate this 4/20? Join DJ Nyke all day for Casper's first 4/20 hemp crawl. He'll be making his way through hemp shops all day celebrating with deals, prizes, and so much more.

DJ Nyke will be live on-air at all of the locations below. Check out the schedule and the list of deals you can take advantage of.


9:00AM - Wyoming Botanicals - 241 South Center Street Suit A - [Directions]
10:00AM - Elevated Highway - 3600 W. Yellowstone Hwy. Mills - [Directions]
11:00AM - Dr. Chronics - 300 N Center St #7- [Directions]
12:00PM - Platte Hemp Company - 134 E Midwest Ave- [Directions]
1:00PM - Oasis - 136 S. Wolcott St Suite 107- [Directions]
2:00PM - Mindful Journeys - 3520 E 2nd St.- [Directions]
3:00PM - Wyoming Organics - 1335 S McKinley St,- [Directions]
4:00PM - 4 Bidden Leaf - 604 E 2nd St- [Directions]


Wyoming Botanicals: 42% off all our CBD and Hemp Products. 25% off everything else in the store including our Kratom, Not your Mother’s Teas” line Dragon Blends, Nicotine flowers, pre-roll,  cartridges, And more.....

Elevated Highway: See store for details.

Dr. Chronics: Buy anything in store and get a free gram of distillate, 2 joints for two dollars and 25% off all THCO products.

Platte Hemp Company:  Come 420 it's an all-out celebration with grab bags, bundle deals, and an astounding buy one get one 50% off the whole store- not to mention a food truck out front with plenty of munchies.

Oasis: PreRolls starting at $1. Veterans/Seniors 20% off. Free Samplers!! Spend more than $50 and get enter to win ticket for Hog Fest.

Mindful Journeys: 30% off CBD. 30% off glass. 25% off cannaboids. 1 FREE Preroll with Purchase.

Wyoming Organics: $10 buys a stainless steel dab straw, a preroll, and that person’s 1st dab.  Every dab after is $4. Prerolls will be sold at the 307 Dab Bar for $5. Shorty Brick’s Picks. Flower Specials will be 10% off on all 1/8ths and 1/4s, and 20% off on all ½oz or less.

4 Bidden Leaf: PreRolls starting at $1. Veterans/Seniors 20% off. Free Samplers!! Spend more than $50 and get enter to win ticket for Hog Fest.

Polyxtracts: $13 - 1g vape pen HHC or 1g cart | $25 - 2g vape pen X² Blend
$27 - 2g Dual Flavor vape X² Blend 2 flavors in 1 pen | $35 - 3g Vape pen X² Blend
$52 - 5g Vape pen X² Blend |X² Blend is our proprietary blend of 3 distillates including THC-O, HHC, & D8 | Flower $12 - 1/8oz $20 - 1/4oz $38 - 1/2oz $70 - ounces
GDP, Northern Lights, Fruit Cake Kush, Strawberry cough Moonrocks at $2.50 per gram. 1g concentrate syringe - $14 Dab .5g bullets $5. Black Hash $5 per gram

High Mountain Wellness: $4.20 Carts - $4.20 / gram D8 Flower - 10% off regular merchandise - 50% off KOI CBD