Just when you thought Wyoming news couldn't get any weirded, the UFO sightings start again.

Let's begin by stating that today (Wednesday, April 26th, 2023), is National Alien Day. Yes, I realize there is just about a national holiday for everything, but I did find this one a little humorous.

After I finding out about said holiday, it got to me to thinking about possible "real" aliens, or at list the space craft that they may use to travel to our little blue planet. So after a quick Google search, I came upon a website called the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC).

The NUFORC website allows you to file an unidentified flying object (UFO) report, but it also gives you access to an extensive database that is broken down by four different searchable categories:

  • Index by EVENT DATE
  • Index by STATE
  • Index by SHAPE OF UFO
  • Index by DATE POSTED  
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Of course, now my interest had been piqued, so I checked by state and lo and behold, there seventeen reports filed in Wyoming since January of 2022, with the majority of them (a whopping three), coming from Casper.

NATIONAL UFO Reporting Center - Database, Wyoming

I was shocked to find out that five of the entries also included photos.

Now it is worth noting, that UFO doesn't automatically mean alien in origin, it simply means "unidentified" flying object.

Some of the entries, in my opinion, were hilarious, at least the way they were written, but some did seem to hold merit.

It was an interesting hole that I fell in whilst doing my research, but at the very least, it was nice to find out this database actually exists.

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