The "W-word" is darn near considered a four letter word almost as much or maybe even more than most real swear words. Our hesitance to say it aloud is utterly out of fear of conjuring up Mother Nature's fury.

That being said, we know the wind (don't hurt me), is very powerful throughout the entire Cowboy State.

Maybe that's why a semi-new video posted to Instagram gave up serious Wyoming vibes. The video was posted by the viral video sharing account, serotonin_scrimmage (although it was originally posted by the private account "mainely_jen").

It shows a stop sign forcefully blowing back and forth by the wind. What makes the video so comical is that it was set to music which gives the appearance that the stop sign is dancing. The song choice makes it that much more epic, since it's "Hey Ya!" by the southern Hip-Hop duo, Outkast.

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It is worth noting that I scoured the comment section to find out exactly where this steadfast stop sign was located, but alas my search came up empty. It very well could be in Wyoming, but I have no proof.

No matter, it was still funny as heck to watch. So much so that I saved it to my favorites. I watch it whenever I feel down and it instantly puts a smile on my face. To be honest, the comment section as almost as hilarious as the video itself.

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