Casper has many "Good Samaritans", especially during this time of year when the weather is at its worst.

While a good many stories of friendly local heroes involve helping drivers with stuck vehicles, that is not always the case.

A video was recently posted to YouTube alternative website, (via the ViralHog channel), which shows a Casper couple freeing a buck deer that had somehow managed to get stuck in a barbed wired fence on December, 22nd, 2022.

Along with the just over 2-minute video footage, was a caption that went into detail about the incident. That caption states:

Late night hauling water to stock and came across this buck trapped in a smooth wire fence. Called my husband to help untangle him. I held his back legs with a lasso so my husband could work safer and videoed while he popped the bottom wire enough to free the mule deer bucks legs. I then drug him away from the fence so he wouldn't get up right underneath it again. My husband pulled his front end around and we let him (deer) rest a moment before I took the rope off his back legs and we scrambled back out of his way so he was free to go. He is alive and well.

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It was obvious the couple were experienced with animals by the way they expertly handled the situation. Kudos to them both for taking the time to free that animal safely.

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