Raccoons remind me of the little 1930's styled thieves in the old Bugs Bunny cartoons, although a lot more frightening in person, especially when you don't see the little "fur ninjas" coming.

A new video was released today (October 18th, 2022), showing just how sneaky these Wyoming raccoons can be. The footage shows one of the cute little thieves smartly getting away with some stolen property.

The short, 12-second video was shared to YouTube channel, ViralHog, along with a caption that read:

Our pet raccoon named LB is a little thief! He will grab something and then run and hide. His two favorite hiding spots are behind the couch and behind the freezer. In this instance, he stole packaging from a box. He likes to steal hairbrushes, coffee cups, silverware, and socks.

The hilarious footage was just shared today, but it originally took place back in February 2022, in the tiny town of Frannie, Wyoming.

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Considering my own recent run in with a furry little trash panda, there is no doubt in mind how stealthy, sneaky and swift they are. I am also slightly perturbed at the thought of keeping one as a pet, but I do know a couple of Casperites that own them as well.

All in all, they are cute. Plus I've had dogs that were equally as mischievous and kleptomaniacs too. I guess I can give this little guy a break... this time.

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