A mom on TikTok continues to hear the harsh opinions of other parents after she shared a video detailing her plans to ask guests at her child's party to pay $5.

What Is A $5 Party For Kids?

As a father of two and a past host of a one-year-old's birthday, I have somehow escaped this whole concept if it is indeed A THING.

According to TikTok user and mother of two, Rachel Gibbs, a $5 party is when you ask your guests to bring money instead of gifts. Each guest drops $5 which is then put toward a larger gift for the child.

The Houston-based mom said in a now-viral video that she thought everyone knew about $5 parties.

"I didn't realize $5 parties weren't something tons of people were privy to," Gibbs says in the video. "Asking for $5 for a kid's birthday party isn't a new thing."

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The TikToker's home has encountered a common issue faced by many families of young children. There are too many toys and not enough room for everything.

Asking for money instead of a physical gift was her way of not adding more toys to the mix.

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"I don't want to not have a party, but I also don't want my friends and family spending money on stuff we don't need."

Makes sense, right? It was what Gibbs intends to do with her child's money, however, that has the internet giving a collective side-eye.

What About This Concept Made People Angry?

About 45 seconds into the video, viewers learn what the money from the party will go toward.

"For us, we want to redo our backyard so our kids can play in it," Gibbs said. "We want to get this great playground and it's going to take some work."

This is not sitting well with some who have called the family's intention "tacky."

"I don't agree with using a brithday for a home project, but you do you," TikTok user @keolani commented. "I do ask for $5 towards an investment account that I set up for them to use for whatever they choose."

TikToker @riceee is doing something similar, but is instead letting her daughter choose how to spend the money.

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"She has so many toys and stuff, but I'm asking for the money for a cruise we're going on in six months so she can buy whatever she wants."

Not all of the comments were negative. Some did rightfully point out that $5 is often less than what some people spend on a child's birthday gift.

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