2023 marks the 19th anniversary of the Thomas Memorial Fly-In, Wyoming’s largest grassroots fly-in.

The event spans two days, September 9th and 10th, with contests, demonstrations, food, and good family fun! Last year’s event saw over forty planes from several states.

Show up for the day or come camping.

Bring your own food or enjoy what is being cooked on-site for just a small donation.

The Glendo airstrip has a nice large area of big old shade trees that campers love to set up under.

Some of the pilots that fly in for the event set their camps up under their wings.

Watch skydivers.


Various pilot contests will astound you like the Baloon Pop, where pilots try to pop a balloon over the runway with their propellers.

Watch pilots fly over and try to drop bags of flowers on a target.

Eech year pilots drop toys and candy for the kids.

The Glendo airfield is just a couple of grass strips cut into a field.

That's all the pilots need.

Planes come in from Wyoming and surrounding states to participate.

Below is a gallery from previous year's events.

The next video is from the skydivers that come every year.

Here is a map to help you find the Glendo airstrip.

Enter the town of Glendo off Interstate 25

Turn left, onto Highway 319.

That will take you through the center of their tiny downtown.

Drive until you see Lake Shore Drive, on the right.

Turn right and you'll see the entrance.

It's on your left, as you head toward the lake.

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