Wyoming ranchers have to look after herds of cattle that cover massive open areas.

It used to be that in order to check their herds they had to saddle up and ride around, looking for them.

Today, much of that work can be done in just a short while, by air.

A good bush plane helps ranchers check on their herds in a way that is not only faster, but it's a lot more fun.

Let's take that to the next level and check on the herd around Devils Tower Wyoming.

The video channel is called The Campstool Kid, named after the Campstool Ranch that surrounds Devils Tower.

It's one of the oldest ranches in Wyoming.

attachment-Campstool Kid YouTube Flying 1

These little planes are started by hand spinning the propellor.

It's a tricky move that takes a lot of caution or someone could lose a finger, or worse.

Imagine living and working around that Devil's Tower view every day.

This channel takes you along for the everyday ins and outs of ranch work... and fun on the Campstool Ranch. This video is mainly just flying around checking cows and water in different places. My headset battery died part way through so there is a lot of just music since I couldn't talk in the video. Let us know what you think. (Campstool Kid).

Enjoy the video below as The Campstool Kid takes us flying.

About the Campstool Ranch:

Our legacy starts in Austin Texas where we gathered longhorn cattle and brought them north to the “Dakota Territory” before Wyoming was a state.

8 generations ago Jesse Lincoln built the Driskill Hotel in Austin, Texas.

He came north looking for open range for livestock.

He found the perfect place in northeast Wyoming and it was called the D Ranch. In 1886 there was a massive series of blizzards.

Out of the 27,600 cattle that were on winter range, they gathered only 2,500 head.

This death loss caused them to lose the hotel in Texas only one year after building was completed.

Around the turn of the century, we bought the Campstool Ranch, which is where we are ranching now.

In the shadow of Devils Tower National Monument.  (Campstool Kid).

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