The card you see above was sitting on my table as I ate lunch at a local Wyoming restaurant.

It got me thinking, the weather has been really crappy lately, and a lot of people have ordered delivery so they wouldn't have to go out for food.

That means that there are delivery drivers out there in the worst possible weather.

Do you think they are getting the tips they deserve for their efforts?

Being a delivery driver in good weather is hard work for very little reward.

Still, it's hard on the person and hard on their car, in the long run.

But it is that extra money that some people need.

So how much harder is it on delivery drivers and their vehicles when they have to battle Wyoming wind, snow drifts, and ice?

That driver battled his way to your door, and now he's standing out there in the blowing sub-zero temperatures waiting for you to open up and grab that burger you ordered.

The longer he waits the more painful it is, literally.

There you are in your PJs, nice and snug at home and the driver sees that when you open the door.

That driver is doing anything and everything to pay the bills.

So - did you drop an extra few bucks and thank them for all they did just to bring you lunch?

I'd like to think that most of us do.

That little extra in cash and those heart-felt words go a long way to someone who is doing all they can to make ends meet.

While we're at it, who else is still working outside in all of this nasty weather?

Police, linemen for the power company, farmers and ranchers... Who else can you name?

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