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If she could tell her story, it would read “I came to be on April 29, 1937 at the White Motor Company in Cleveland, Ohio. I was number 12 of the 40 Model 706 buses built for the Yellowstone Park Transportation Company (YPTCo.) that year; one of the 98 Model 706 buses added to YPTCo’s fleet between 1936-1939.

This old bus used to drive tourists around Yellowstone back in the 1930s.

The park still has buses today, but they don't look as cool as this old classic.

Here we see it being pulled by a tractor out of the bar it was stored in for decades.

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I was given a number of “401” which I proudly displayed as I worked throughout Yellowstone National Park from 1937 through 1960.

In 1960, I was purchased by a family from Bozeman and my insides turned into somewhat of a “camper” that would be used by the family on planned trips to Alaska.

So someone turned it into a camper for Alaska?

WOW, what a great idea.

These buses had a canvas top that could be rolled back for an open sky view.

Below is a video of an old Yellowstone tour bus that was brought back to the park for one more tour.

In 1965, I was parked in their barn and remained there until 2011 when I was purchased by the Buses of Yellowstone Preservation Trust.

With the Buses’ commitment and dedication to preserving what once was, they brought me back to the era I was born to run. I may be 83 years old, but I still have gas in my tank, a spark in my plugs, I’m click’n on all six cylinders, and heads still turn when I “sashay” on by!”

Now that they have pulled it out of the barn let's hope they get the old girl running again and back on the road.

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Not matter if the people attending were into cars or not.

There was a lot of OHHH and AHHH's heard up and down every street.

Gallery Credit: Glenn Woods