Well, this would be a painful way to die, and it would hurt the entire time.

In the video below you'll see two tourists at Yellowstone National Park unknowingly risking their lives...

Actually, they should have known, there are signs everywhere.

They walk and run along the Grand Prismatic, the park's largest hot spring.

That water is160°F / 70°C (hot enough to cause severe burns).

The video is on TikTok from Yellowstone Park. They point out that over 20 people have been boiled alive in these springs.

There are signs everywhere telling visitors that the springs are fragile and a person could easily break through to the water underneath.

The HuffPost reported, in 2016 that a person was killed at the park after accidentally slipping into a thermal feature while looking for a warm pool to bathe.

Recently a foot was found in one of the springs (tennis shoe attached). No clue what happened to the rest of the person. But then again those waters are a bit acidic so they will eat a person in time until there is nothing left.

Lane V. Erickson // Shutterstock
Lane V. Erickson // Shutterstock

For some reason, we can't get through to some people that they should just stay on the boardwalk and NOT do what you see these people doing.

I would not be surprised, with today's technology, that we eventually have sensors that set off alarms and trigger recordings of warnings when someone steps off the boardwalks.

The only other thing I can think of is to hire a bunch of nuns to stand along the boardwalk with rulers, glaring at people as they walk by. Wagging their rulers at them if they step too close to the edge of the boardwalk.

Does anyone have any better ideas?

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