This is the same story you hear every year at this time but with updated numbers.

Here come the holidays.

Many people will want to be with family and friends.

That means packed airports and roads.

So, how bad is it predicted to be this year?

AAA predicts that more than 55 million Americans will travel over the Thanksgiving weekend, which is up more than 2.3% from last year. 

49 million will be driving.

More than 4.7 million will be flying.

That’s the highest number of air travelers since 2005.

Movie Trailer about Holiday Travel. Trains, Planes & Automobiles 

If you live in a low-population state like Wyoming, Nebraska, or the Dakotas, you have NO idea how bad holiday traffic can get (providing you plan to stay put during the holidays).

The worst we will have to worry about is the weather.

Yeah... about that weather.

Right now meteorologists are keeping an eye on travel weather for the Western region. But they are unsure about the forecast for next week.

Changes are coming. It will be colder and there will be some snow across the region.

But, how much colder?

Just a little through the early parts of next week.

At this point, there are too many variables to accurately predict what's going to happen.

Watch out for slick roads.

What we do know is that the days surrounding Thanksgiving will see a drop in temperature.

This is what we know of our regional weather, one week out from Thanksgiving.

Keep checking in with us as we get closer to the day.

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