If you are looking for real spooky places this October, Wyoming has plenty of them.

Here is a top ten list of haunted Wyoming places.

One of them is probably near where you are if you are already in Wyoming.

The Occidental Hotel, Buffalo

This hotel is one of my favorite places in Wyoming. I was once actually trapped there during a blizzard with a ghost-hunting group from Sheridan Wyoming. It is reportedly haunted by the daughter of a prostitute who died on the upper floor. She's likely to pull on guests' hair, grab their hands, or tap them on the shoulder. There was also a murder due to a love triangle.

I have the video of my stay with the ghost hunter group below. 

The Irma Hotel, Cody

The Irma Hotel was built by Buffalo Bill Cody in 1902 and named after his daughter. The ghosts appear to be friendly. But if they still scare you then watch out for rooms No. 35 and 16.

The Plains Hotel, Cheyenne

Since 1911, The Historic Plains Hotel has the ghost of a bride named Rosie and her groom spent their honeymoon here. That jerk was cheating on her from the start. She caught him with a local prostitute. The story does not end well.

Old Faithful Inn, Yellowstone

People have died in Old Faithful. Also at the Yellowstone Inn.  Murders have been committed there. On their honeymoon in Yellowstone a man who had married a wealthy woman chopped off her head and ran away with her money. Now the headless bride haunts there.

The Ghost Of The Sweetwater County Library, Green River

Like a scene right out of Ghostbusters, the Green River Library has someone moving books around.

Wort Hotel, Jackson

Built by the Wort brothers in 1941, The Wort Hotel was Jackson’s first luxury hotel. Two small children were murdered there. They still haunt the place. That makes me think of the twins in Stephen King's "GRADY SISTERS" from The Shining.

The Virginian Hotel, Medicine Bow

If you have never been to the Virginian Hotel in Medicine Bow, you should. Day or night the place is SPOOKY! The woman in beige haunts there. Apparently, she was waiting in the hotel for her fiancé to come from the east. When he never arrived, she jumped out of her third-story room window. Look up at that window at night and you might see her.

Acme Theatre, Riverton

Patrons have claimed to see a man up on the balcony watching shows. No one knows who he is.

The Sheridan Inn, Sheridan

Once home to Buffalo Bill Cody. One of its beloved employees, known as Miss Kate, never left. Miss Kate moved to Sheridan in 1901 and began working at the inn. She moved into a room and lived and worked her entire life there. When she died a friend put her ashes in a container in one of the walls.

Wyoming Frontier Prison, Rawlins

The prison "Pie Lady" used to bring the prisoners pies. Upon release, one prisoner tracked her down, raped and killed her. He was then sentenced back to prison, where the prisoners took revenge on him. Many others died there for various reasons. They all had disturbed lives. That is why the place is full of ghosts.

Wyoming Ghost Busters

Gallery Credit: Glenn Woods

Wyoming Zombie Truck

Gallery Credit: Glenn Woods