To be fair, lots of Yellowstone is open range. Be careful where you camp.

You'll see what I mean in the video below.

So imagine waking and thinking. Who's breathing so heavily? What's that smell? The person next to you is bad but -- not THAT bad.

You unzip your tent and stick your head out to see a huge herd of bison surrounding your campsite.

Careful you don't crawl out of your tent under the belly of one of those things.

Are they sleeping? If they are you can sneak out, maybe. If they are not you might have a much bigger problem.

The person in the video explains what is going on.

This is Slough Creek 2021, Bison rut. Our back-country campsite has been taken over. We had to evacuate our tent when we heard the ruckus coming. And now we sit and wait.

Talk about a wild morning…you’ve gotta think a herd of bison would make you up more than you’re typical morning coffee.

The man makes light of the whole situation

Ironically the kids were asking me earlier if I ever had bison near my tent

attachment-Bison 4 down

This looks like a rather big herd. Someone guesstimated there to be about 300 of them.

About the only smart thing to do at this point is to wait for the herd to move on and then go back to the site.

Careful, there are lots of warm steaming piles of brown stuff to step in.

Thankfully nobody was hurt.

Could have been worse. They might have woken up to a pack of wolves or a bunch of bears milling about.

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