The Albany County Sheriff's Office says the investigation is continuing in an animal cruelty case, including pending criminal charges.

That's according to a post on the agency's Facebook page. According to the post, the sheriff's office responded to a welfare check for animals on Moulton Road on March 30. The check resulted in four seperate citations for animal neglect.

Sheriff's Office Says Incorrect Information About The Case Is Being Posted

According to the post, some of the supposed information about the case on social media is not true:

''We acknowledge that the information circulating on social media is both distressing and infuriating and there is an immediate want for action. We can inform the public that some of the information which is circulating regarding the sheriff’s office response to this call and similar calls is incorrect or contains speculation.''

The post also reminds the public that at this point the allegations have not been proven and the defendant has a legal presumption of innocence. It goes on to say  ''Please bear in mind, we cannot address the current issue at hand due to the involved parties right to due process.'

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