Original Guns N' Roses guitarist Izzy Stradlin looks to be prepping yet another solo album, as he's just released a new single called 'Baby-Rann' to fans via YouTube. The straight-forward punk rock song is about a girl who leaves her man to move to Vietnam, or as Stradlin says "Vietnamm." 

"My baby ran away to Vietnam and my dog just salivates / She told me later that I sure look mad, no return date," he sings to open the guitar-charged rocker. According to the YouTube description, Rick Richards, Taz Bentley, J.T. Longoria and Joey Huffman join Stradlin for the song. All have backed him up on previous albums, with Richards, Bentley and Longoria joining him for at least his last six solo releases, including the self-released 'Wave of Heat' in 2010.

The verses are short and simple. "I wouldn't drive her to LAX / She took my good suitcase," Stradlin sings during the first, later adding "She never talked about the day / She took off and ran away" during the second verse.

No further detail about an upcoming release was made available with the video, which was filmed in Hollywood earlier this month. Former GNR bassist Duff McKagan has also helped Stradlin on previous albums.

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