Jenna Talackova might not have won Miss Universe, but she won a special award instead. Jenna was awarded Miss Congeniality after the Miss Universe Canada pageant on Saturday.  Even though she didn’t make it past the semi-finals, Jenna certainly made her mark on this year’s pageant.

The 23-year-old transgender contestant had to fight her way into this year’s competition. After officials discovered she wasn’t a “naturally born woman”, Jenna was removed from the pageant because she lied about her naturally born gender on her application.  Jenna pleaded to Trump herself to let her back into the competition. When that didn’t work, she lawyered up!

The public outcry after Jenna’s dismissal resulted in an online petition that gathered 40,000 signatures. Trump officially changed the pageant’s policy, and Jenna became the first transgender contestant in the Miss Universe competition.

Now Talackova can happily add the title of Miss Congeniality to her list of achievements next to her trophy for “Miss Ing Parts.”

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