Last weekend while campaigning in Ohio, Vice President Joe Biden was photographed between two bikers, with a biker chick on his lap.

At a stop at Cruisers Diner in Seaman Ohio, Biden took a seat between two local bikers, then one of their "old ladies" sat down on his lap, saying there was no other place to sit.  THEN he rubbed her shoulders! (Maybe a back-rub can be "just a back-rub"... but I am pretty sure the Sons of Anarchy wouldn't have allowed something like that to happen.)

(Letting some politician come in, and start feeling up your lady doesn't really come across as "Biker Tough"... ya know? I don't know what club these folks are riding with but with a new season of "Sons of Anarchy" coming on later it got me to thinkin' about the...)


Members are encouraged to get henna tattoos first, to make sure they're comfortable with them.

The only thing you carry in your saddlebag is a miniature Poodle.

Instead of meth, you manufacture and distribute sass.

Instead of drinking, drugs and breaking laws, you like to express yourselves through interpretive dance.

Instead of leather, members wear animal-cruelty free knitted vests and chaps.

You're only allowed to cry over two things: A funeral of a veteran and the ending of "The Notebook".

Your feet keep slipping off the clutch, thanks to the poor traction on your flipflops.

Your anthem is "Born to Be Mild".

Instead of fights, you challenge other gangs in "Words with Friends".

The TV show based on your gang is called "Sons of Mild Roughhousing".

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