It's no surprise at all anymore when a celebrity decides to move to the Cowboy State. Maybe that's why I spent a good 30-minutes on the internet Google searching my life away after actor, comedian and television host, Joel McHale, joked about Jimmy Kimmel spending the summer in Wyoming.

McHale was the guest host on Jimmy Kimmel Live Monday evening (July 20th, 2020). Early on his 7-minute monologue, he stated that Kimmel "bought part of Wyoming and it was way more responsibility than he thought it would be".

I'm about 65% sure that was only a joke, but I'm not 100% positive. Kimmel has been to Wyoming before, in the Jackson hole area with Jennifer Ainston and he also likes to fish in Montana.

It wouldn't be that far fetched for him to be hiding out here somewhere, especially considering he's been in a hot water as of late for doing a sketch in blackface and using the N-word while singing along to Snoop Dogg's lyrics, although both incidents took place a long time ago.

Kimmel assured his audience that he was just taking the summer off after working nearly 18 years straight and doing over 3100 shows. You can see his explanation and a hilarious confrontation with Matt Damon below.

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