First announced back in 2012, the remake / reboot of Jumanji based on the classic book-turned-adventure film starring Robin Williams seemed like a baffling idea. What could possibly make the average movie-goer excited about this remake? A great cast, for starters, and it looks like we might get just that as everyone’s new favorite odd comedic coupling are in talks to star in the new Jumanji movie.

Variety reports that Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart, the stars of the upcoming action-comedy Central Intelligence, are in talks to star in Jumanji, which will be directed by Jake Kasdan. Chris Van Allsburg’s original book was released in 1981 and used haunting illustrations to tell the story of a bored brother and sister who discover the titular jungle-themed board game and take it home. As they play the game, the various animals and hazards they encounter come to life.

Allsburg’s story was previously adapted into a 1995 family adventure film starring Robin Williams and Kirsten Dunst that earned tepid reviews despite its box office success.

The casting of Johnson and Hart is nowhere near official, as much depends on their endlessly busy schedules. Johnson is currently filming the Baywatch movie before heading into work on Fast 8, but with his Rampage adaptation possibly delayed to 2017, he could have a window between filming the next season of Ballers and the Fast and Furious sequel.

And though Johnson remains as busy as ever, it’s Hart’s schedule that seems to be the trickier of the two — the actor and comedian is set to star opposite Bryan Cranston in the long-developing remake of French hit The Intouchables, a film that could show audiences (and studios) a different side of Hart.

The key to getting general audiences pumped for a film like Jumanji most definitely rests on the talent involved, and nabbing proven box office winners like Johnson and Hart would make the reboot an instant must-see for many.

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