Francis Alexander Malofiy, a Philadelphia based attorney is representing the late Spirit guitartist Randy California filed a copyright suit against Zeppelin on May 31, claiming that the opening of "Stairway" was cribbed from an obscure instrumental called "Taurus" from Spirit's 1968 debut.  At the time, Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page said, "This is ridiculous.  I have no further comment on the subject."

The band members think the lawsuit should be moved to California, or dismissed completely.

Here's the latest...

Now, according toBusiness Week, Page and Zeppelin's other two surviving members -- singer Robert Plant and bassist John Paul Jones -- are arguing that the Philadelphia federal court where the lawsuit was filed is an inappropriate venue.  In a statement filed September 17, Page wrote, "I have not performed as part of the musical group known as Led Zeppelin in the state of Pennsylvania since 1985 ... That performance was without fee as one of many participants in a Live Aid charity concert."  Page, Plant, Jones and lawyers for their label, the Warner Music Group, have filed a motion to either dismiss the case or move it to U.S. District Court in Los Angeles, where they claim that many relevant records and possible witnesses exist.

"Stairway to Heaven," though never released as a single, stands as perhaps Led Zeppelin's most popular song.  Coincidentally, the record it appeared on -- alternately known as Led Zeppelin IVand the untitled album -- is due to be reissued on October 28.

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