From a tragic loss of an old bovine friend to the rescue of a young calf, this episode of Our Wyoming Life takes us on a journey of life and death on the ranch. The video starts off with a tribute to the first cow Mike had ever raised from a calf.

Next, the episode goes into how a calf is raised. In the video Mike says, you have to be the calf's mother by feeding them, grooming them, keeping them warm and safe. It is no easy chore. "You have to teach them how to cow."

In each scene, you see some of the chores and responsibilities of raising a calf. How to prepare a special kind of formula. How a calf is fed. Then sometimes, Mike has to swing in and rescue an animal.

While checking on the herd, he finds a calf sickly and in trouble. Later he finds out that it is not able to stand up on its back legs. With a little rest and motherly care, the calf recovers. It's another day and the life on a Wyoming ranch.

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