In the last few weeks, there have been a couple of major announcements in the pharmaceutical world of very positive results with COVID-19 vaccines. One from Pfizer and one from Moderna, both of which have over a 90% success rate.

With that in mind, we asked residents if they were willing to take a coronavirus vaccine once it was made available to the public.

Casper Vaccine Poll Results

Although it is clear that majority of Casperites are willing to take a COVID-19 vaccine, there were less than ten votes between the straight up "yes" and "no" responses. There was also a surprisingly high number of voters that are willing to take one, but not immediately.

Different news outlets are estimating vaccines may be available as soon as the second week of December 2020, those will just be administered to first responders (like doctors, nurses and other hospital workers) and people at high risk with health issues. The best projected availability for the general public is April 2020.

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