This just in. Cheyenne is better than Casper. That's what Money Magazine just said in a brand new ranking. I'm gonna prove them wrong with science.

To be fair, I encourage you to read their reasons why first. Money just shared their "best places to live in every state" list. Here's a snippet of why they chose Cheyenne over Casper:

Residents of the Wyoming capital can enjoy both the outdoors and a decent cost of living—health insurance expenses and housing costs both fall well below the national media—little economic distress, and one of the best inter-city average travel times on our list.

Let's compare some stats, shall we? I use the Best Places website when I want to compare cities. If you put Cheyenne up against Casper there, you will notice some interesting facts:

Cheyenne does have Frontier Days, so I'll give them that. They also have more cows. Yes, if you love bovines, go to Cheyenne.

But, if you think it's tough buying an affordable home in Casper, check out Cheyenne. Yikes.

I want to be clear that I have nothing against our Wyoming neighbors to the south. Cheyenne is a great place with lots to do especially when Frontier Days is roaring. But, better than Casper? Sorry, Money Magazine, I ain't buying it.

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