Wyoming is full of wildlife. So encounters with animals in the state is quite common, but some creatures are more elusive. So when a moose decides to walk down the streets of Jackson, Wyoming, people take notice.

On Facebook, Scott Barrett captured this moose casually walking the streets of Jackson. The giant creature walks past Starbucks and Lee's Tees. Maybe it on its way to brunch. Maybe it is going to the backwoods on Snow King mountain. We may never know why the moose crossed this intersection, but we are glad it did.

Just like elk and deer, a male moose is a bull and a female is a cow. In fact, the moose is the largest member of the deer family. Unlike their distant relatives the deer, moose are solitary creatures and not herd animals. They are herbivores sustaining themselves on both land and water plants. Wolves, bears, and humans are the mooses' biggest predators.

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