What’s in a name?  Well for parents struggling to name their child, it could have to do with where you live.  Popsugar.com crunched the data based on Social Security records  and came up with the most popular names for each state.

Here in Wyoming, if you’re expecting a child to wrap in pink, you’re probably thinking of Emma, OliviaBrooklyn, Abigail and Elizabeth for a girl. Jackson, Mason, William, Wyatt and Liam are on the most popular names for boys in the Cowboy State.

In our neighboring state to the south, Colorado, the most popular names for girls are: Olivia, Emma, Sophia, Isabella, Evelyn, while the most popular names for boys are:  Liam, Alexander, Noah, William, Logan. Surprisingly, Stoner and Mary Jane didn’t show.

Those are nice names, but where are Poindexter and Agatha? Are they destined to reside under the rock of obscurity forever?

Just because of it's "name," Here's a video from the band with the worst name ever, The Goo Goo Dolls. My testosterone drops just saying it.

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