Taco John's has long been a Wyoming favorite among fast food chains. Now thanks to MSN.com, the Cheyenne-based West-Mex eatery is getting some national shine.

It's no secret french fries rule the side dish game in fast food America, but because of a recent story posted by MSN, Potato Olés might soon be moving to the forefront. MSN writer Kate Bernot went into great detail why Potato Olés are better than regular fries:

These disc-shaped joy nuggets have a leg up on French fries in several ways. First, let’s acknowledge it, its name is incredible. It’s basically the lady-dancing-in-red-dress emoji in written form. Taco John’s slogan is Olé The Day, and unlike Taco Bell’s Live Mas, it doesn’t even mean anything. But no matter, it got you thinking about Potato Olés. Second, and more substantially, Potato Olés circular shape lends it an expansive, crisp exterior as well as ample fluffy tater interior, not unlike Burger King hashbrowns. Third, Olés are seasoned with what’s said to be a mix of Lawry’s seasoned salt, cumin, paprika, and cayenne. It’s not overwhelming, but it gives Olés the advantage over plain, salted fries in my book. Fourth, while flavorful, Olés are a blank canvas. One can choose from dipping sauces of ranch, guacamole, nacho cheese, or sour cream. They’re also great in ketchup. Name another fast food spud that can claim such versatility! Finally, Olés are served in a small cup, which is much more easily manipulated as you’re exiting a drive-thru than a flimsy French-fry bag. It even fits in a car cupholder.

She's not wrong, by any means, but it is awesome that now the rest of the country can see what we've known for years: Potato Olés rock!

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