It's National Cut Your Energy Cost Day. It's just takes too much of my energy to say that. I'm not sure how interested most Wyomingites are in making Al Gore proud, but I'm not sure Al likes our energy anyway, so we're even. Still, I'm sure we're all for January 10 being N-C-Y-E-C Day.

Actually, says, "Turning up heat can save up to three to ten percent." Do you know how that's possible? Maybe they meant turn it down. I don't know because I'm not the expert. Of course I don't have to be to know it costs very little to get some weather stripping at Walmart. There's a whole list of more tips here if you want to see them. The last thing you need is for me to preach - like Al Gore. Besides, most of those tips may make you say, "Duh."

I'm pretty good about turning off the lights leaving a room, but I'm bad about taking shorter showers. I hate when the hot water runs out. This time of year, no more hot water is when my shower is over quick.

Now about that water heat, it seems I've been doing it wrong. Watch this.

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